Why Do I Need Compounding?

The specific answer to this question may be different for each individual you ask, but generally they will fall into one of three categories.

Veterinary: For about 1/3 of the customers we serve, the answer is that Parkside makes a pet-friendly delivery system that enables one to administer his/her pet’s medicine with less difficulty or resistance from the animal, or the medicine their veterinarian has prescribed is not commercially available in the needed strength or dosage form.

Another 1/3 of Parkside’s customers need compounding because the hormones their provider prescribes requires compounding to deliver the unique strength, combination and/or dosage form they require–this is commonly referred to as BHRT (bio-identical hormone replacement therapy).

Everybody else: The remaining 1/3 of patients who need compounding is a “mixed bag”. In this group are often pediatric patients who require a lower than conventionally available dose or a medicine made into a liquid that is otherwise only dispensed in pill form. Patients whose prescription is for a discontinued drug or drug in short supply, a “back-ordered” medicine will need compounding. Other times a patient will need something made exactly to mimic a conventional product, but will require that an ingredient be left out, due to an allergy or intolerance. Also, commonly, patients will require a dose of a drug that falls out of the common range of strengths conventionally available because their doctor is prescribing “off-label” or for an indication not approved by the FDA. This doesn’t necessarily mean it’s less safe, only that the makers of the drug did not seek approval for marketing the drug for this specific use. Pain management incorporates compounding quite often for various reasons; one example is that medicine can be delivered topically to painful areas and give relief without the systemic “side-effects” that can be problematic with oral drugs.

There are many more examples, as this is just a brief overview, but we’ll get into more depth in future blogging for those of you who want to know more.